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Co-proposed with Melanie Schlosser, Digital Publishing Librarian, Ohio State University, and Stewart Varner, Digital Scholarship Coordinator, Emory University.

Libraries are becoming increasingly involved in publishing in new and interesting ways (see, for example, the Amherst College Press and the Library Publishing Coalition). As more libraries get involved in publishing or look to increase their efforts in this area, we are faced with many new questions. For example, how do you balance the need for mission-driven publishing using traditional outputs (e.g. journals and monographs) with an interest in experimental publishing? Will library publishing efforts be most successful by focusing untapping niche markets or other areas? Many university publishers are starting short form ebook series (see Princeton Shorts, UNC Press Shorts, and Stanford Briefs) and other such experiments in content size – what is the “right size” for academic scholarship?

Come join us to discuss these questions and more. Are you doing library publishing at your institution? Tell us what’s worked well and what are the current challenges you’re facing.

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