Plan a dh+lib series

Wanted: a group of individuals interested in digital humanities and libraries to serve as acquisitions editors for one hour.

The project: dh+lib wants to host a series of posts that will move forward the conversation surrounding digital humanities and libraries, but we need your help picking a theme. What questions have gone unanswered that need to be? Is there a topic that could be more fully developed? What would make your job easier (at least the part that’s related to DH)? Who could contribute to this series?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be blog posts – are there resources that would make your job easier, or more interesting, but don’t yet exist?

Come tell us what ideas you would like to see discussed, and help shape the future path of dh+lib.

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  1. Could I crowdsource my overdue dh + lib blog post as part of the session? Only needs firming up in a couple of sections, and it fits the theme.

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