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I left the house early to see a patient, I'm a community nurse. My husband paged me, (and he rarely does) and told me about the plane hitting one of the towers. I asked my patient to turn on the news, and we soon found that every one of the over 80 cable channels were live at the Towers. I felt sick, helpless, Although it had not been announced yet, I knew in my heart that this was not an accident, then the second plane hit. My patient and I sat in awe, we conforted each other, and I went home early. I spent the next several weeks crying, and felt so sad everytime I heard a new story of a "loved one" lost, or "A Nation in Mourning". I did not lose anyone close to me, but I somehow felt closer to all that were lost that day. Through this tragedy we've come out a closer nation, and a stronger nation. God Bless America. I light 2 candles. One for Peace & the Other for Freedom, but I know that Freedom costs, and many times Peace cannot be found without sacrafice. I have a son that I fear may need to go to war, but I understand, as does he, that this is a sacrafice that we are willing to make as Americans,one we NEED to make, and I will do anything I can to help keep our Country Free.


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