DH 101: Getting Started in Digital Humanities

I cannot speak for other participants, but I am somewhat intimidated by all the tools, technologies, and projects that fall under digital humanities. The question I have is: how do I get involved? What technologies do I need to know? How do I convince stakeholders in my library that DH has value? I am sure that other newbies to DH have similar questions.

Ideally, participants would be a mix of newbies (such as myself) and people with more experience in DH. I have no set agenda in mind except as a come-and-go-as-you-please seminar/discussion format. If anyone has any suggestions to make the most out of this proposal, please e-mail me at .

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I am a PhD student at Florida State University in the School of Library and Information Studies. I also have an MA in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the University of Sydney. My research interests include library history in the Middle East, the impact of colonialism on systems of information organization, and social media and the Arab uprisings. In addition, I work as a graduate assistant for the Florida State University Libraries. My responsibilities include collection development, reference, outreach, and instruction, particularly in area studies.

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