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Digital Storytelling Jam Session

Enthralled by the surge of digital production in the area of storytelling? Believe it can be used to teach or communicate concepts relevant to digital humanities and librarianship? Hesitant to get started on your own? Inspired by the brilliant MOOC, … Continue reading

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UPDATED! DH and Makerspace Mashup

This is a talk session for those who are thinking about how to bring a maker space into an academic library. If you’ve been following the library and maker space movement, then you know that people usually don’t think about … Continue reading

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One Hour, One Project – or – The Incredible Lightness of the Work of Many Hands

I’m a big fan of talking. I like to talk, to share ideas, to chit-chat, shoot the breeze. This being my third THATCamp, I’m done with all that. I’ve yacked about DH and Libraries, twice. I’m ready to be a … Continue reading

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