Crowdsourcing an information literacy MOOC: a twitter story

There was so much interest in the Let’s Make a MOOC session that it ran for almost 4 hours on Friday. Here is a storify of what unfolded. Please keep the work alive and help bring this one-week MOOC to completion! #ilmooc

If you are interested in building the course out in Canvas, set up an account as a Teacher and you can locate the course IL MOOC or leave your email address in a comment and we’ll send you an invitation. Many hands are needed!

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About Kate Ganski

I teach information literacy skills to a lot of students in composition courses. I teach f2f and online. I also have a background in Religious Studies. I follow Nicholas Carr. I read broadly. I drink craft beer. I fast from the Internet on Sundays.

3 Responses to Crowdsourcing an information literacy MOOC: a twitter story

  1. Keith G says:

    Great project and I’m glad to see it moving forward. I’ve created an account on Canvas, but I’m not sure how to find the ILMOOC course. May I have an invitation? I would mostly like to lurk and see what is being built, but I may be able to do some minor editing of content as time becomes available.

  2. Virginia Pannabecker says:

    Hello. I’ve started a Canvas account under Virginia Pannabecker. May I also have an invitation to the IL MOOC course? Thanks very much!

  3. Linda Miles says:

    I’m interested in the IL MOOC. I’ve set up a teacher account in Canvas. Can you give me access?

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