Let’s Make a MOOC! Crowdsourcing an Information Literacy MOOC

Seems like everytime I check my education news feed there is at least one article talking about MOOCs. Advocates hailing the disruptive impact of MOOCs to bring higher education to the masses. Proponents tempering the MOOC frenzy with reminiscences of early technological fads. No matter what side is argued the fact remains that MOOCs are a new player in this old game of higher education and almost every university is crafting a plan to incorporate them into their programs.

Inspired by Hybrid Pedagogy’s week long MOOC MOOC let’s bring our collective knowledge of delivering information literacy instruction together to crowdsource a week long information literacy MOOC. Let’s design the instruction blocks, learning activities, and assessment challenges using open educational resources (OERs), free and open access readings, cloud based productivity tools, and open badges.

We’ll need many hands to make this a success. We may not finish but we’ll be off to a great start to making a great course.

Kate Ganski, Library Instruction Coordinator, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee
Kristin Woodward, Instructional Design Librarian, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee

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About Kate Ganski

I teach information literacy skills to a lot of students in composition courses. I teach f2f and online. I also have a background in Religious Studies. I follow Nicholas Carr. I read broadly. I drink craft beer. I fast from the Internet on Sundays.

11 Responses to Let’s Make a MOOC! Crowdsourcing an Information Literacy MOOC

  1. Lisa Hinchliffe says:

    Count me IN!

  2. This is a great idea Kate! Do you have a central place in mind that we will be able to dump all the work we do? Or a platform to deliver the MOOC? Doesn’t need to be figured out right away, just wondering.

  3. Trudi Jacobson says:

    I am going to be working this summer on a semester-long Literacies for Lifelong Learning MOOC (sponsored by Empire State College, SUNY), and using it as the basis of a hybrid IL course this fall. But it won’t include some of the fundamentals of IL, so this idea sounds fabulous. I’ll be there.

  4. johnjack says:

    Great idea! You can count on me to help out with this one. =)

  5. Kate says:

    To answer Micah, I would like to put the course on Canvas LMS, but if others have a better place, then I am open to it.

  6. Randal Baier says:

    EdX has also made their software available, but being open source it would need to be hosted by someone.

  7. Amanda Rust says:

    Adding to the chorus: this is a great idea, and count me in, too.

  8. I am working on creating a practice MOOC in EdX, and this would be a great counterpoint! Count me in.

  9. Steve Stone says:

    I was there.

    Google Doc available at

    Some tweets tagged #ilmooc

  10. Tamara B says:

    This is on my mind alot, and I’d like to help with this initiative.

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