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Crowdsourcing an information literacy MOOC: a twitter story

There was so much interest in the Let’s Make a MOOC session that it ran for almost 4 hours on Friday. Here is a storify of what unfolded. Please keep the work alive and help bring this one-week MOOC to completion! … Continue reading

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Google doc from “Plan a dh+lib series” Thanks all for attending! Add to the doc if something’s missing, or if there are ideas that should’ve been discussed.

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Notes: Libraries & Publishing

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DH 101: Getting Started in Digital Humanities

I cannot speak for other participants, but I am somewhat intimidated by all the tools, technologies, and projects that fall under digital humanities. The question I have is: how do I get involved? What technologies do I need to know? … Continue reading

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UPDATED! DH and Makerspace Mashup

This is a talk session for those who are thinking about how to bring a maker space into an academic library. If you’ve been following the library and maker space movement, then you know that people usually don’t think about … Continue reading

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Let’s Make a MOOC! Crowdsourcing an Information Literacy MOOC

Seems like everytime I check my education news feed there is at least one article talking about MOOCs. Advocates hailing the disruptive impact of MOOCs to bring higher education to the masses. Proponents tempering the MOOC frenzy with reminiscences of … Continue reading

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