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Data sets for the arts and humanities

While many excellent guides to data sets for the sciences and social sciences already exist, I’d like to develop a list of likely sources for arts and humanities folks. (Or maybe this also already exists, in which case we’ll have … Continue reading

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Unleashing TEI and Plain Text Data for Textual Analysis, Visualization and Mining, or, Let’s Play with E-Text Data and Tools

Motivated by a recent mock keynote debate, “A Matter of Scale,” presented by Matt Jockers and Julia Flanders as part of the Boston Area Days of Digital Humanities Conference, and the imperative that librarians involved with many things “digital” learn not only how to … Continue reading

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Digital Storytelling Jam Session

Enthralled by the surge of digital production in the area of storytelling? Believe it can be used to teach or communicate concepts relevant to digital humanities and librarianship? Hesitant to get started on your own? Inspired by the brilliant MOOC, … Continue reading

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Come Play with Ngram Viewer

I am a complete novice in this realm but I want to learn. I am hoping there are some more like-minded attendees who will enjoy a truly exploratory session. And I also hope someone out there will propose a session … Continue reading

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Library as Publisher: Putting Best Practices on (Digital) Paper

This is a make session co-proposed by Thea Atwood & Caro Pinto (Hampshire College) We want build off of the Thursday session called: Library Publishing & Undergraduate Education. The session plans to offer best practices, but let’s get together and … Continue reading

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One Hour, One Project – or – The Incredible Lightness of the Work of Many Hands

I’m a big fan of talking. I like to talk, to share ideas, to chit-chat, shoot the breeze. This being my third THATCamp, I’m done with all that. I’ve yacked about DH and Libraries, twice. I’m ready to be a … Continue reading

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